How is your metabolic health?

While you may already know the status of your mental health, your metabolic health is often much less obvious. Remember, they both revolve around metabolism and are highly interconnected.

Mental and Metabolic Health Assessment

Take The Mental and Metabolic Health Assessment to find out what areas of your life you can address today for long-term healing.

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This assessment is not complete and comprehensive. There are many factors that affect metabolism. I’ve included some common ones here, so these questions have a high likelihood of helping you, but by no means have I included everything. When treating serious mental disorders, it’s critically important that you work with a competent clinician. Serious mental disorders can be dangerous, and people should not expect to treat these without help. The assessment is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition. Please work with your mental health and/or health care provider for advice about your specific medical condition(s) and treatment(s) for such conditions.

Results and responses are NOT stored. However, we will email you a copy for you to keep on record or take to your health care provider for further evaluation.

Listen to Brain Energy author Dr. Chris Palmer discuss what to expect while taking the Mental and Metabolic Health Assessment tool, and how your results can help you reclaim your mental health—and live your best life possible.

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